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This page contains free, fun, fairy things for you from the fairy folk. Just download any of the PDF's below. Print them out and start the fun!

  • Coloring Pages
    Download and print these coloring pages. They are free.
    Coloring Pages from Into Fairyland (PDF, 350kb)

  • Word Search
    Find the words: Download and print this Into Fairyland wordsearch (PDF, 252kb)
    A Puzzle
    One of these word search words can't be found in any of the fairy stories by Diane Light.
    »    Do you know which word it is?
    »    Would you like to know the answer?

    Maybe your mom, or dad, or big sister would help you search inside the book to figure it out. Or maybe you want to try all by yourself.
    When you get the answer to the puzzle, just email it to us at

Please check back often since we'll be adding new fun things all the time!