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Eating Peas... Puullleeeease!

Eating Peas... Puullleeeease! Is Book #2 from the series A VIEW FROM THE MOON by author Diane Light. It is about the dilemmas of Virginia Ann, a "Middle Child" in a modern busy family, and how she struggles for attention. What looks like a "Mountain of Peas" to this little girl at dinner-time becomes a place to plant her flag! She discovers a great secret-- that being a picky eater and playing with her food brings certain rewards her way. How her family resolves this common childhood situation will satisfy and delight not just Virginia Ann!

This full color, beautifully illustrated, 42 page book has just been published.

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Published in 2013 ...
A Mermaid's Tale
Evermore, Beyond the Sea 

Evermore is sad until she meets a beautiful mermaid and a wondrous adventure begins! She suddenly finds herself magically transported to a watery world where she meets a sweet new friend and guide. Together they share an enchanted journey that takes them far beyond the worlds they know. Travel along with them and find out what strange and inviting creatures and new experiences they encounter on their fantastic fantasy ride as Evermore discovers there is more to her world and more to her than she had ever realized. 

This full color, beautifully illustrated, 50 page book is a full of magic and wonder.