Starry Whispers Proudly Announces
A New Release For 2014
Eating Peas... Puullleeeease!

Eating Peas...Puullleeeease! is Book 2 In the Starry Whispers Series A VIEW FROM THE MOON. Written by Diane Light and Illustrated by Joshua Otero. It has been released and is now available for purchase,

Join picky eater, Virginia Ann, and her little family for a dinner that never seems to end... "All the world's a stage...," said the great poet, and for Virginia Ann, the kid-in-the-middle, the curtain rises at dinner time. Stuck in the middle between her two siblings, she finds this the perfect time to take center stage. What to her looks like a mountain of peas becomes an opportunity to get something she really wants! Find out what that is and... 

Just Published in December 2013 from the Sparkly and Magical Fantasy Line of Books Starry Whispers Books has just published the second book in the series.  A Mermaid's Tale, Evermore Beyond the Sea available for purchase now.

Join Evermore, a little girl who is sad until she meets a beautiful mermaid and a wondrous adventure begins! She suddenly finds herself magically transported to a watery world where she meets a sweet new friend and guide. Together they share an enchanted journey that takes them far beyond the worlds they know. Travel along with them and find out what strange and inviting creatures and new experiences they encounter on their fantastic fantasy ride as Evermore discovers there is more to her world and more to her than she had ever realized.

Starry Whispers Books are children's books that twinkle with fantasy and fun. They are meant to entertain and encourage children of all ages, unleash creativity, validate feelings children commonly have, and to help build character and, (as one bright young child so perceptively called it), “A SELF-OF-STEAM.”

In the Sparkly and Magical Fantasy Line of Books the first published is Into Fairyland, A Treasure Chest of Fairy Stories, available August 2012. Into Fairyland is a book of 25 original fun and fancy stories about Fairies and the Fairy World. Each sweetly crafted story is artfully illustrated with beautiful colors and whimsy.

From the Series A View From The Moon the first book to be published is Alfonse L'Amour, The Dog Next DoorAlfonse L'Amour is about the adventures of a very creative little boy and his best friend.

To celebrate our new release we are offering Into Fairyland and Alfonse L’Amour at a the new reduced price, don't miss this opportunity, purchase now!

Upcoming books in the Sparkly & Magical Fantasy Line of Books:
  • The Little Blue Fairy
    About the only blue fairy in a white fairy pod
  • Angel Tracks
    An anthology of more than 30 original encouraging and fun short stories/poems written for children who are dealing with illness and challenge
  • Evermore Beyond the Sea
    About a little girl, a sparkly mermaid, and a fantasy ride
  • The Little Phat Phairy Story
    About Matilda, her self-doubts, and her lovely wings
And in a category all its own: 
  • The Florange From L'Orange
  • That Showed the Way in the Mean, Green Town of Schmean That Day.
  • A funtastic little story about how a quaint little town deals with diversity.

Diane Light

About the Author

Diane Light is the writer and creator at Starry Whispers Books. She created her A View From The Moon Series for children with spunk and pizazz. Written from the child's point of view, they are meant to encourage, support, and entertain the child, and maybe even to give a bit of enlightenment to the adults that care for them. 

Other books by her sparkle with magic and myth to delight and to spark the wonder in children of every age. Fairies, elves, and angels too dot these enchanted landscapes.

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